Welcome to Pieces of a Dream Gifts Shop- 2430 Central Ave, St. Pete FL 33712. We invite you to adventure in to "Celebrate Your Senses." Come in to chat and meet friends surrounded by a delightful collection of collectible artifacts, jewelry, distinctive cards, aromatherapy candles, apparel, furniture and decor. A visit is sure to tame the cruelest of moods.

Featured Jewelry


      Find a deliciously enchanting selection of aromatherapy candles...ranging from grapefruit that stimulates and awakens to patchouli/ blood orange that with sooth even after the craziest day.
Small Women's Groups and Book Club gatherings welcome... Drop by or contact me- tel: 727-317-2031 and/or email me:

Distinctive Gifts


      In addition, we offer curious collection of art objects handcrafted by artisans from Tibet, Nepal, Thailand & Indonesia. We are proud to do our utmost to buy only from small "Fair Trade" companies who buy directly from village artisans.
"My Mission is to Inspire Joy, Culture and Spread Abundance Thru All My Business Practices."

Unique Home Decor

Fran wears necklace earrings combo by Robin Goodfellow. Hand crafted antique brass finish with delicate carved white opal leaves.

Teak Buddha's Face; Lamps by Eagee; 17" Foo Dog Set

Fran wears necklace by Robin Goodfellow- Hand crafted antique brass with turquoise & crystal and stunning drop earrings by Anne Koplik to match.

ESQUE Hurricane Candle; Gold Sun Sconce; & Wood Planter. See descriptions below...

Clarissa wears our exclusive mala bracelets by Monkeje Malas. Hand crafted in 10mm pearl, rose quartz, tiger eye, red coral, bodhi-seed, black lava & yak bone.

Sun Bird Feeder; Naked Bee Lotions; Byrd's Gourmet Cookies. See descriptions below...

Kimmy wears a vintage necklace & earring combo by Kenny Ma. Hand crafted antique silver finish with fuchsia & pink Swarovski crystal details.

Air Planter; Onyx Stone Lamp; Aromatherapy Candles. See descriptions below...

Sweet Charlie wears her Monkeje Mala bracelets even when she's out playing. Hand crafted in 7mm rice pearl and 8mm tiger-eye.

Teak Jeweled Elephant; Wood Te/Cookie Keeper: Air planter. See descriptions below...